Our Approach

Blue Duchess began in 2009 when Duke Robillard and Sunny Crownover decided to record a project to celebrate Les Paul and Mary Ford's music and more.

The concept was that Duke would engineer most of the project, emulating the techniques pioneered by Les Paul for multi-track recording. Several guitar tracks were needed for each song, to reproduce the unmistakeable feel of Les Paul's recordings. The idea was to make a recording in that style without copying Les’ solos, but in the process creating something in the true spirit of Les and Mary's sound. That theme is carried throughout "Tales From The Tiki Lounge".

Duke Robillard launched the Blue Duchess label in 2010 with the critically acclaimed "Tales From The Tiki Lounge." A year later, Duke and Jesse A. Finkelstein founded Shining Stone Music Group, which continues to release Jazz and Americana recordings under the Blue Duchess label. Shining Stone Records, a sister label, has released a series of ground breaking, critically acclaimed, Blues music CD's.

Our Story

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